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Debsbrie Briards

My Dogs

Debsbrie Briards

Happy Briards walking in field

My Briards live together with me in my house as pets.

I show, although not so often these days, do agility, obedience and heelwork to music for fun with my Briards and in any spare time left, visit schools, residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals with my dogs.

I believe Dexter was the first Briard to complete the KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme at GOLD level.

Dibley, Demi and Desmond have completed the KC GCDS at Silver Level.

Temperament is my prime concern, which is proven by the fact that my dogs are all registered as members of Therapy Dogs Nationwide and previously with Pets As Therapy.

I am a Kennel Club assured breeder, KC approved GCDS Examiner at all levels and a Therapy Dogs Nationwide dog/cat assessor and area coordinator.

I am a member of the British Briard Club and the Briard Association. I even edited the BBC magazine for over 6 years.



Who is the person or team looking after the dogs? 


- Me....just me...groom bath walk feed etc as necessary.


How did you fall in love with the breed?

- Drawn to traits of dogs in the Pastoral group and just love long-haired dogs.

I used to have Bearded Collies but then saw 2 black Briards and said to the person who owned them if you ever mate those Can I have one....and Darcy was born.  I was there at the mating and birth and visited her every day until I brought her home.

How long have you been breeding dogs?

- Della had my first litter in 2008.

Why are you breeding this breed and not another?   

- Cuz I'm bonkers. You have to have a screw loose to own a Briard. (Joking obviously!)

My Briards:

Dilly - Briard


Debsbrie Dees Are Forever




Dilys is a homebred black Briard from Doris and the gorgeous Stormfield Reckless Erik.

Dilys isn’t a cuddly Briard but has to be with me at all times.  Her chicken and bantam herding skills are coming along!​

Dilys is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 0:0

Doris - Briard


Debsbrie Damari Dream




Doris is a homebred fawn Briard from Demi and Ch One by One Zlota Elita At Charson.

Unlike Demi, she hates any kind of water.

Doris needs to know where I am at all times although is happy to sit out in the garden watching the birds on her tod  Doris has started agility training and is much faster than her mum and Desmond.

Doris is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 7:4

Desmond - Briard


Stormfield Desmond at Debsbrie




Like Demi, he is totally mad about any type of water and even jumps in the dog bath to play with the shower when it is on.

Desmond won’t let me out of his sight for a minute although isn’t a cuddly dog, he does have to know where I am at all times.  At agility training, he seems to like spending most of his time in the tunnel!.

Desmond has passed his Pets As Therapy assessment and is now a registered PAT dog and has been to school with me on numerous occasions for the children to read to him under the Read2Dogs scheme.  He is proving very popular with one child even asking if she could have a ride on him!  We have now joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Desmond was bred by Storm and Max Jones from CH/AM Ch Stormfield Seiso at Charson and Stormfield Chianti.

Show records:

  • At Desmond's first show, he won BEST PUPPY IN BREED and got shortlisted in the Pastoral Puppy Group at W & P Breeds of Wales 2016. Thanks to Lee Cox for handling him so expertly.

  • WELKS 3rd place.

  • Desmond got FIRST place in Junior, BEST PUPPY IN BREED and PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP 4 at Marlborough Open show 2016.

  • Bath Champ sho  BEST PUPPY IN BREED.

  • Bournemouth and SCCA  2nd place.

  • Richmond and the Briard Association champ sho  3rd place.

Desmond is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 5:13

Demi - Briard


Charson Back to Black at Debsbrie




Demi has a fabulous temperament and is a right character.

She is totally mad about any type of water, even jumping in the bath on command.

Demi is currently learning agility and had the weave poles mastered in a couple of lessons - I think it's her favourite item on the agility course.

Demi is a registered PAT dog (Pets As Therapy), although we have now joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Demi was bred by Sonya Hillier from CH/AM Ch Stormfield Seiso at Charson and Stormfield Blondie.

​Show records:

  • At the Briard Association Champ show, 2016 Demi won her first CC and went on to win BEST IN SHOW.

  • W & P B of Wales 2016 Demi won 1st place in Post Grad Bitch.

  • Bath Champ show 1st place.

  • Richmond and Bournemouth 2016 2nd place.

  • Demi won SECOND place in Post Graduate Bitch at Crufts 2015.

  • Demi won FIRST place in Junior Bitch at the Briard Association Champ show 2014.

Demi is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 7:6

Dibley - Briard


Debsbrie Maranello


05/10/2008 - 25/06/2020 (Sadly Dibley is no longer with me)


Dibley is a home-bred pup out of Della and Dexter.

She is very laid back, just like her dad and loves coming along to the training classes I teach and showing off! Dibley is a very clever girl and tries very hard to do all the tricks I have taught her such as fetching my slippers, wiping her feet on the doormat, rounding up my chickens when asked. She is always keen to learn new commands.

Dibley is a registered PAT dog currently going to schools under the Read2Dogs program where children read to her to improve their reading. She loves it and pulls me in the door to get to her place in the school library, although we have now joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

On her 6 month birthday, Dibley got Best Puppy in Breed and Group 2 at Chippenham Open show.

What a fantastic start to her showing career.

Show records:

  • Dibley won 1st place in Good Citizen Bitch at Crufts 2013.

  • Dibley won 1st place in Post Graduate Bitch at Crufts 2012.

  • 2011  -  We haven't been to many shows this year but have been very consistent with 2nd place in Post Graduate Bitch at the BA Champ. the show, Southern Counties Champ show, WELKS and Bath Champ show.

  • Dibley won 2nd place in Post Graduate Bitch at Crufts 2011.

  • 2nd place in GCDS Bitch (she was beaten by her mum who got FIRST place)

  • BA Open Show 2010 - 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch.

  • Dibley won 2nd place in GCDS Bitch (next to Della who won 1st place) and 3rd place in Junior Bitch at Crufts 2010.

  • WELKS - 2nd Post Graduate Btich.

  • Chippenham Open show 2010, Dibley won 1st place in Junior Briard and then won Best of Breed.

  • Marlborough Open show, - 1st Post Graduate.

Della - Briard


Nouvion Andromeda at Debsbrie


25/07/2005  – 15/12/2020  (I miss her so much)


Della is the daughter of Ch. Fostebrie Diplomate at Charson and Nouvion Star Fantasy. She was bred by Chris Ellis.

Della is a very pretty active and intelligent Briard who does obedience, heelwork to music and agility.

Della is also a registered PAT dog.

Our first attempt at dancing can be found on Youtube Here

Della was clicker trained from a pup and it has worked wonders on her.

I will certainly be clicker training all of my Briards in the future.


Della is very sweet-natured and a joy to live with.

When she wants something, she does her best to tell me what it is - quite funny to watch.

Show records:

  • Won FIRST place in GCDS Bitch at Crufts 2011 & 3rd place in Limit Bitch

  • Won FIRST place in Open Briard at both Chippenham Open Show 2010 and Marlborough Open Show 2010

  • Won FIRST place in GCDS Bitch at Crufts 2010

Della is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 3:2

Dextor - Briard


Lizabett Forest Stroller At Debsbrie


13/04/2002 - 20/01/2016 (Sadly Dexter is no longer with me)


Dexter is extremely laid back and has a fantastic temperament.

He is extremely calm and a joy to live with and very much part of my family. I'm sure he must have one of the longest tongues ever seen on a Briard!.

Dexter is a registered PAT dog (Pets AS Therapy) and competes at agility and obedience.

Dexter was bred by Vicky Jennings from Strollin Baktu Stormfield and Lizabett Forest Magic.

Show records:

  • Won THIRD place in Veteran Dog at Crufts 2013.

  • Won FIRST place in Veteran Dog at Crufts 2012.

  • Won FIRST place in GCDS Dog at Crufts 2012.

  • Won SECOND place in Veteran Dog at Crufts 2011.

  • Won FIRST place in Veteran Dog at Crufts 2010.

Dexter is:

  • CSNB Clear

  • Hip Score - 6:9

Darcey - Briard


Charson Flame of Fame


30/09/2000 - 02/09/2012 (Sadly Darcy is no longer with me


Always in my heart.

This is an excerpt from Darcy’s Diary, and I have to say a fairly typical week!

Read Excerpt Here

More detail about Briard as a Breed:

Briards were used during World War I as red cross dogs, sentry dogs and ammunition carriers. By the end of the war, the Briard population was sadly depleted. 

The first-ever Briard litter in Great Britain was born in March 1969 from Irish imports and the second in November of the same year.   The first Briard was shown in 1967 and by 1969 two Briards had qualified for Crufts.

The Briard is a big, rugged, sturdy dog, measuring from 23" minimum for females to 27" maximum for males.  They should weigh between 70 - 100 lbs depending on gender and height.  His bone should be heavy and his feet large.  He should be covered all over with a long, wavy coat and this coat may be any colour of fawn, from quite pale to a deep rich shade, all black, or with white hairs scattered through the black coat, or slate grey. 

A Briards character should be very intelligent, gay and lively and his temperament fearless with no trace of timidity or aggressiveness.  This often translates into boisterous and unless a puppy is sensibly trained one could easily end up with an over-exuberant and unmanageable adult who will take its owner for a walk rather than the other way round.

If you wish to share your life with a large, hairy, exuberant bundle of love, who because of his high level of intelligence can easily become bored, requires regular grooming and as an adult needs plenty of exercises, then the answer is yes.  Owning a Briard can be very rewarding but it can also be very hard work, it is not a breed to be purchased on a whim.



"I have had Briard’s for the past thirty years + and just wanted to say that Debbie Mackay as a breeder is absolute without question the most professional, informative, approachable, consistent, loving, friendly and caring breeder I’ve had the privilege to meet and know.  The parents and puppies pedigree is faultless.  The temperament, personality, nature and coats of her pups and her own grown-up doggies are excellent.  I have found that they are bright, responsive and very trainable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this very responsible breeder to anyone, as she and her babies are an absolute credit to the Briard breed within the UK.  Please keep up the good work and thank you."      

-Anthony and Doris the Briard



"Debs is a fantastic breeder. The Briards she breeds are lovely dogs with impeccable ancestry. As pups, they are raised in her home and socialised extensively before they leave mum; and once they have left for their new homes she is always there to offer help and support to the new puppy parents not only in the short term but throughout the dog's life. I have personally benefitted a lot from this help and advice, my current Debsbrie boy is utterly gorgeous and I can't wait for my next puppy!"          

- Pauline and Leonard the Briard

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Interested In Owning A Briard?

For more Information about Debsbrie Briards or Upcoming/Planned Litters


Contact Debbie:

Tel: 01380 730564, or 07966 617617


Worton, Devizes - Wiltshire, UK

Cleared by Criminal Record Bureau

Kennel Club Accredited 

5* Star Rating by Wiltshire Council

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