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Our Story

Professional Pet Care In Wiltshire

Our Story

Lifelong dog lover Debbie Mackay, having been made redundant by the RAC, set up a service to support pet owners at all stages of their pet ownership.  Specialising in dog training, she can also help with logistical problems, vet transport, dog walking, home boarding, and many other pet care needs.

Doggy Dilemmas is Debbie’s way of offering help to people who have specific problems with their dogs whether behavioural or just logistical. Based in; Based near Devizes, Debbie is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Kennel Club Accreditation and Fully Licensed by Wiltshire Council.


Debbie Mackay (Doggy Dilemmas) - With her beautiful Briards.

"I have been mad about dogs for as long as I can remember. All my projects at school had something to do with them.

So when my job at the RAC disappeared due to outsourcing to India, I decided to do something I've always loved doing."

Debbie Mackay (Doggy Dilemmas) - With her beautiful Briards.

She is keen to foster responsible dog ownership and offers the Kennel Club's Good Citizenship Scheme, with its bronze, silver and gold awards.

"This is not an easy thing to set up as you have to put all sorts of things in place and then get approval from a championship show judge and your local dog warden."

Doggy Dilemmas has already achieved much success in training wayward pooches and is also prepared to offer a home from home in the event of someone needing their dog babysat at short notice.

Also, we offer all sorts of other solutions to doggy problems, including dog walking, animal meals on wheels and accommodation if the owner wants to go away on a weekend break.

Debbie is also happy to help disabled people with dog training. She said she was stunned to hear from a disabled woman in Warminster, who had been turned down by four dog trainers before approaching her.

"I couldn't believe they had refused her help because she was disabled. After all, it is the dog you're training not the owner."

That is not to say that some owners don't need a bit of training as well as advice, and Debbie will be putting out the message about responsible dog ownership loud and clear especially where it involves dog fouling.

Debs is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, KC approved GCDS Examiner at all levels and a Therapy Dogs Nationwide Dog and Cat assessor and area coordinator.

Interested? Or Need To Know More?

Tel: 01380 730564, or 07966 617617


Worton, Devizes - Wiltshire, UK

Cleared by Criminal Record Bureau

Kennel Club Accredited 

5* Star Rating by Wiltshire Council

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