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Excerpt from Darcy’s Diary:


Charson Flame of Fame



30/09/2000 - 02/01/2012


Always in my heart.



This is an excerpt from Darcy’s Diary, and I have to say a fairly typical week! -

Monday: Today the rescued crow, Flin, that often comes out of his enclosure to wander around the garden, decided that enough was enough and he made his bid for freedom.

He flapped around, circled the garden and just cleared the fence.

Dexter, my half brother, panicked and jumped up at the fence to see where his mate was going. Flin landed in the field behind where two crows flew over to squawk to him.

Dexter was beside himself and cleared the dog proof fence and chased the two nasty crows away, then rushed back to Flin, sniffed him, and just stood by him until mummy arrived to recapture him.

Tuesday: Had a pulling competition with Dexter using one of our rather large cuddly toys. I pulled the toys head off and Dexter decided he should ensure the remaining beast was never to move again.


He shook it as a dog possessed. Weeeeeeeeee confetti everywhere. I told him to show mummy, so he ran inside the house, still shaking the beast trying to find mummy.


The next I knew, mummy came out of the house chasing Dexter, so I helped by grabbing a dangling leg I could see, and pulled that off too - .more confetti.


I’ve never seen anyone vacuuming a lawn before! Mum had to empty the Dyson three times!


Wednesday: DEX,  I called, Mums home.  Race you to the front door€. We both rushed towards the dog flap. I’d always wondered if we could get through it together.  Yeeeessssss.” Hello dogs,” said mum, Oh no, what have you got around your neck, Darcy?

Thursday: Mum took us to our first obedience competition.

Dexter did the beginners while I watched.   I don’t do fetch on demand!


Steward: Command your dog. 

Mum: Dexter Stay!

Steward: Throw the article. Mum threw Dexter’s latest toy.

Steward: Retrieve the article

Mum: Dexter, Fetch!.

Dexter looked up at mum. Sorry mum, did you speak?

Dexter Fetch! mum repeated.

Oh right, says Dexter, have you thrown something? Oh, hang on, I can see something over there. . Dexter ran over to the toy, sniffed it, then stood over it so as nobody else could get it, then totally emptied his tanks, and walked off. Seemed to go down well with the crowd!

Friday: Not much happened today. Decided that I was going to practise Agility with Dexter tonight, so while mummy was getting ready to go, I simply followed her around and stared at her.


I knew it would work! Mum said Look Darcy, you can come but you will have to stay in the car.  I rushed to the door before she had finished the sentence, I’d heard all I needed to hear.

Dexter was having great fun jumping and stuff but the jumps were very low. I suppose that’s beginners for you. I need to show him I thought. Eventually, the urge became irresistible. I squeezed through into the front seat. Yoooo Hooooo Dexter, you need to do big jumps¦ like this and lept out through the car window and ran over to where the jumps were.

Mum took me back to the car and wound the windows up some more, muttering that she couldn’t see how I had got through that gap in the window.


Anyway, I’ll teach her, I thought. Dexter finished his lesson, and they came back to the car.

Mum tried to lift the tailgate but heh heh, I’d locked them out. Isn’t central locking great? That will teach her to leave her keys in the ignition. Mum squeezed her arm through the partly open window but couldn’t reach the keys.

It was soooo funny, seeing this arm-waving around. I wondered for a minute whether to stand on the central locking button again then decided just to put my foot right next to the button just to tease her. She eventually got her arm out of the car ( I think she bruised it, as it took her a while to get it back out!)

She called to Rosemary the trainer. I heard her say, Darcy’s locked me out of my car, and I’ve left my phone and keys inside,  got any ideas?  Well, they flapped around for a while, then I noticed my tummy was rumbling, so decided to let her back in, so as we could go home for dinner.


Saturday: Went for a lovely walk across the fields today. It was great. We were playing our bombing each other game when suddenly mum was in the way. I couldn’t stop, neither could Dexter, so we just hit her full pelt in the legs and she landed on the ground shoulder first.


We thought we’d better stop our game and ran over to see what she was doing on the ground.  Mum, your face is wet,  I said and licked away the tears.


Sunday: Slept..

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