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Pet Transport & Vet Visits

Professional Pet Care In Wiltshire

Pet Transport & Vet Visits

If it's difficult for you to transport your animal, we can make the journey for you.


Lots of owners find it incredibly difficult to fit in visits to the vets, whether it's routine or something more urgent.  Doggy Dilemmas can represent you at your vets when it's impossible for you to get there. 

Typical dilemmas:

- Maybe you don't drive 

- You don't have your own transport

-  It's a long journey, and you don't have the time


Key benefits:

- We have the facilities to transport both large and small animals   

- We can take the animals that taxi drivers can't or won't

- We can act on your behalf with the vet or any other agent and pass on any questions or requirements you may have

- You don't have to rearrange your life to around the appointment

- You can feel secure that an experienced and professional animal carer will fully brief the vet and report back to you, complete with any medication and instructions necessary

Interested In The Pet Transport or Vet Visits Service?

Tel: 01380 730564, or 07966 617617


Worton, Devizes - Wiltshire, UK

Cleared by Criminal Record Bureau

Kennel Club Accredited 

5* Star Rating by Wiltshire Council

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